Stephan's holiday apartment

Self Check-in Instructions Rugenpark 1

Take the elevator to level 1.

Ground floor / main entrance is level 0.

You have to press and hold number 1 until it stops by itself

Just press and hold the number for your level. Do not press the red button or the covers.

elevator stephans holiday apartment

Your apartment key is in the safe next to the entrance at level 1.

The code for the safe is 3801 (after opening put 0000 again).

Each room have a set of keys (one to enter the building and one for the room). The extra key is working for the main door to enter the apartment (the others don’t work for this door).

You can keep the keys til check-out day (don’t need to put back to the safe every day).

(Turn the key strongly to the left til the end and then push the door)

Frequently Asked Questions

You can put your luggage before check-in or check-out in our storage room.

The entrance is from the main street. Address: Rugenparkstrasse 18

You can use the code 0118 to open the key box. There is a key in the box to open the door

1. Get your laundry bag at ground floor (entrance from the main street). Fill in your room name, number of bags and date in the form 1.

2. Take a laundry form and fill it out. Let me know if you want to pay with credit card or cash CHF/EUR

3. Place your laundry bag til 9am at ground floor next to the staff door. Once it's ready and payed, we will put the clean laundry in front of your room door


4. Please take out your clothes, bring the blue bag back to the room where you have taken it and put in the date in the form (one the same day you get back your clothes, thank you)

You can use the code 0118 to open the key box. There is a key in the box to open the door.



One load up to 5kg is CHF 16 with credit card, cash CHF 15 or EUR 16. Additional weight is CHF 5 / kg. Additional loads are CHF/EUR 10

We have in-house wifi. If you want to get a portable hotspot, you have to let us know 1 day before arrival. A portable hotspot costs 3 francs per day.

If you want to use it, YOU NEED TO FILL IT OUT (name, check-in and check-out dates); if you use the bus/train in Interlaken with an empty guest card and don't have any other valid ticket you may get a fine of CHF 100. For the info about the guest card you can see the link in the first message or the small booklet.

Is open from 7am til 10pm. After using the kitchen, please wash the things, dry it with the towels and put it back at the same place where you have taken it (DON'T LEAVE IT FOR DRYING).

Using the frying pan only with the plastic utensils. To store food in the fridge please use the plastic box in the cupboard. Using the space in the fridge only with your room name.

For recycling you can have a look at the picture above the black boxes.

Food waste and other rubbish is below the sink.

Check-out time is til 10am. If you want to leave your luggage longer is possible, but need to send me a message the day before.

Please put the keys on your desk in the room and send me a picture from the keys and the pocket wifi.


If the room is ready, you can have early check-in. If it's in cleaning process you can put your luggage first.